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What is the AIA?

The Academy of Internal Auditors (AIA) is a student run organization, whose purpose is to introduce students from various disciplines to the internal audit profession. The AIA has two broad functions. The first is to organize networking events in which students can meet internal audit professionals. The second is to allow students to hone their skills by participating in various internal audit projects. The AIA is currently composed of three post-secondary institutions and a centralized alumni component that unites and oversees the various university chapters.

In the Fall of 2012, the AIA began operations, headed by student volunteers at the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) familiar with the organization and its mission. Beginning as an initiative to address the lack of awareness of the internal audit profession among students outside of the accounting discipline, the AIA has aided the IIA in creating an efficient and effective vehicle in which student relations can form with professionals in the internal audit field and with the IIA in general.   To this end, the AIA hosts events which can be found on the updates page. We are also in the process of expanding our team to Carleton University and Algonquin College. In the long term, we look forward to expanding to campuses across Canada and the US. If you have a hard-working motivated team that would like to expand the AIA to your campus, please contact us.    

About Internal Auditing

Internal Auditing is a crucial activity for any successful organization. It can be used to detect fraud before major damage occurs as well as to discover new efficiencies that the organization can take advantage of. It involves understanding the organization, confirming whether current controls are being followed and developing new controls and procedures to strengthen the organization’s activities. Although auditing is generally seen as practised by accountants, auditors must rely on the expertise of professionals from a wide range of fields. Internal auditors especially must work with experts in the field relevant to that of their client. For example, an internal audit team at a hospital would include doctors. An internal audit team at a science laboratory would include engineers. The AIA is excited to introduce students from all disciplines to a promising and rewarding career in internal audit.   


  The AIA seeks to expose students studying in various disciplines to the internal audit profession. Members will have opportunities to network with professionals. Members will also have the opportunity to develop and hone valuable skills by participating in the organization of events and various AIA activities. Members will receive mentorship through interactions with the alumni members of AIA and members of professional organizations. In addition, the AIA’s flexible organizational structure allows members the benefit of being able to engage in club activities only when their study schedule affords them the time to do so.  

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Executive Team

Sydney Dorland              President
Anthea Wong                   Vice President
Matt Douglas                   Treasurer
Kaleb Branch                   Budget Officer
Jimmy Lau                        Director of Marketing
Raffy Antranikian           Director of Operations  

Ademola Abimbola       Webmaster


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